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INVIDIA - Security Analytics powered by I-LIDS approved Davantis

Video Analytics has the ability to intelligently analyse a scene, and can drastically reduce the number of false and nuisance alarms generated by a CCTV system. With option to add on additional features such as Smart Scene, Smart Wire, and Smart Watch, Video Analytics can be used to protect an ever growing number of sites, in scenarios that would be almost impossible using any other technology.

The range of INVIDIA Video Analytics, built in partnership with DavantisTechnologies, have been awarded Primary i-LIDS accreditation from The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and The Centre for Applied Science (CAST). i-LIDS is a UK government benchmark for Video Analytics security systems. The I-LIDS Primary detection accreditation means that our systems are suitable to replace traditional methods of detection such as PIR and beam detectors.

Further information on i-LIDS Download the Bi3 Analytics brochure

The INVIDIA Range of Video Analytics offers compelling savings on both installation time and cost, as well as a proven return on investment for installers and end users, when compared to traditional systems. It can usually be added on to an existing IP or analogue CCTV system with minimal reconfiguration, and with the backup of our UK based technical support experts, you can be sure of a seamless transition to a more efficient detection system.



INVIDIA: Smart Track

Video Analytics - Person Identification

Smart Track is our video analytics detection software platform and is the basis of all our systems. Smart track has embedded algorithms that can identify people or vehicles within the camera image. Other causes of activations such as animals can also be classified and identified or excluded as required. On activation the alarm can be transmitted to an operator with a clear highlight around the cause of the alarm.

INVIDIA: Smart Wire

Video Analytics - Security - Railway Tracks

Smart Wire video analytics allows the user to create any number of virtual lines anywhere on the scene. The line can be single or multiple direction and only alarms when the classified object (person, vehicle or other) has completely crossed the line. This can be used to identify vehicles travelling the wrong way or people moving towards a restricted area.

INVIDIA: Smart Scene

Video Analytics - Security - Person and Vehicle Detection

Smart scene video analytics will identify and alarm when a classified object (person, vehicle or other) has remained within a scene for a given length of time. This means that people or vehicles travelling through a scene are ignored but if they become stationary within the scene an activation is created. Can be used for illegal parking or people loitering in critical areas.

INVIDIA: Smart Watch

Video Analytics - Left and Removed Object

Smart Watch video analytics analyses the scene and recognises when an object has either been added or taken away from the scene. A box highlights the left or removed object. The activation is then stored locally and sent remotely.

Form Factors



The INVIDIA:S is our standard unit, suitable for rack mounting, and with options for the full suite of features. The :S can be licensed for up to 8 channels of analytics, depending on your needs.



The INVIDIA:Q, or Qube, can be licensed for up to 4 channels, with options to add the full suite of features as needed. The Qube is not rack mountable, and is designed for smaller installations where rack.

Davantis IP Compact

Davantis IP Compact

The Davantis IP Compact is the latest innovation in video analytics. This Ultra small form factor unit has been designed specifically for use with the Flir T43 Bullet Camera, to provide a reduced cost option for sites that require 4 or less channels of thermal detection. The IP compact does not contain Physical outputs, and can only be used with up to 4 Flir T43 Bullet cameras.

Being one of the early adopters of video analytics, Bi3’s team are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in UK, so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications. Our dedicated specification executive will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system.


The Tailgate Detector, TDflex™, is an award winning anti-tailgating solution that ensures only authorized people enter a secure area by adding an additional security layer to existing access control systems.

The TDflex can be utilised with the following access points:
  1. Doors
  2. Airlocks
  3. Mantraps
  4. E-Gates
  5. Turnstiles
  6. Access Points without doors.


3D MLI Sensor

Based on 3D MLI Sensor™ technology, the Tailgate Detector works with access control systems by intercepting the signal emitted from the ID reader and determining whether the access point is open or closed. The sensor then establishes whether or not a single individual is attempting access and, in the event of dual or unauthorized access, can trigger an alarm or prevent the access point from opening.

Download the TDflex brochure
If you are considering using the TDflex, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications, our specialist team will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system, and on integration with your access control platform.

Facial Recognition

NeoFace® Watch is a high performance facial recognition software application for real time video surveillance, offline video face search, and high volume face search. NeoFace Watch is designed to be scalable from a one camera system on a single site, up to thousands of cameras over many sites, with a slick, web based application that enables access to the system from anywhere.

NeoFace is independently recognised as the fastest and most accurate face recognition software on the market, as it acquired the top rank in FRVT2013, an independent test conducted by the U.S Government. These tests showed that NeoFace was the most accurate facial recognition software tested, even with low quality images, and has the most resilience to variance in angle, age and race.

Traditional facial recognition systems require considerable hardware power in order to provide real time analysis of the multiple faces in a crowd, NeoFace Watch utilises the cost effective processing power of Graphics Processing Units, which can mean a reduction in the hardware costs of a system in relation to other systems available.

Some of the Features of NeoFace Watch

Detecting Subjects in a crowd:

Real-time detection of known persons in a crowd, using CCTV cameras strategically positioned to capture the faces of people passing through. Alerts can be created, and sent to various devices such as smartphones, as soon as a known subject is detected.

Protecting Secure Zones

NeoFace can be used to add an additional layer of protection to secure zones, everyone who has authorisation to be in the zone can be enrolled into the system, and NeoFace will identify them, whereas anyone who is not recognised is a potential intruder, and an alert can be created to notify security staff of the potential threat.

Face Recogniton

Historical Search

Recorded CCTV footage can be searched through historically for persons of interest. In addition to this, large quantities of images can be searched through to achieve the same result.

Face Recogniton

Multi-Site Configuration

Watch lists can be replicated between multiple sites, to ensure that when someone is added to a list on one site, they are recognised on any other site they visit

If you are considering making use of facial recognition, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications, our specialist team will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system.
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ANPR is an efficient system for capturing and recording vehicle number plates and triggering an appropriate action, such as raising a barrier. Our Intelligent Number Plate Recognition (INPR) can be configured to trigger different actions, depending on the time of day, or individual vehicle. INPR can also be used to determine which vehicles have entered a premises, and the system can also be easily searched using several criteria.

Our INPR system can interact with a large number of devices, including gates; traffic lights and LED signs, and grant access depending on whether the plate is in your list of authorised users. Hotlists can also be used to ensure that only staff have access to staff only car parks, or to send an SMS or E-mail alert when an important visitor, or urgent delivery arrives on site.

The system features a comprehensive search function, allowing you to search for specific number plates across your entire site, or at specific entry/exit points. The system can also be fitted with an overview camera that provides a wider image of the vehicle as it is detected, as well as the number plate, and time of entry/exit.

A typical INPR System will normally consist of one or more INPR cameras, A Video Capture Card, A Relay card to trigger outputs such as barriers, and an INPR Computer. Unlike many other systems which require additional video processing boards, our INPR will run on a standard Windows based PC, and can process up to four lanes of High speed traffic using one capture card. We have various different cameras available to suit different types of installation, where vehicles may be approaching from different angles, or through a wider than normal lane.

ANPR Camera data sheet RPX LIVE ANPR data sheet
If you are considering making use of INPR, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications, our specialist team will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system.

DVR’s and NVR’s

Todays end users look for value for money when choosing which DVR/NVR solution is best for them. Our Range of DVR and NVR solutions offer more than just recording. Our products are innovative yet proven, and offer enhanced benefits such as advanced search functionality; Hybrid DVR/NVR capability; future proof design; and flexible storage options to suit your needs.

Vision Insight (VI)

Vision Insight (VI)

The VI series is a premier embedded DVR based on enhanced H.264 compression. It offers real-time live display and recording capabilities at 30 FPS per channel. The DVR has a slick and easy to use network based viewing and management function for access from remote locations. The VI series is a cost-effective and high performance digital recording solution that is highly scalable with options for 4,8 or 16 channels, and customisable storage.

Vision Insight Pro (VIP)

Vision Insight Pro (VIP)

Developing from the VI series, the Vision Insight Pro takes video storage and management to the next level With its enhanced features, such as Hybrid analogue / Digital connections, advanced search functionality and Point Of Sale data integrations, the VIP bridges the gap between DVR’s and NVR’s at a cost effective price point. The VIP range can handle up to 32 channels of analogue, or 64 of IP, or a mixture of both up to 32.

The VI and VIP ranges have enhanced connectivity through the use of a mobile application available for iOS and android.


Both the VI and the VIP DVR’s can be monitored and configured by our NxMS video management system. NxMS offers a wide range of features, including:
  1. Multiple device management for up to 100 Systems, including remote configuration, system management tools, and alarm handling.
  2. Flexible viewing options across up to 4 displays, using the intuitive user interface including Interactive mapping, and customisable camera views, from any connected system.
  3. As an added benefit NxMS can retrieve and search POS data on any connected system.



The E6216 DVR is an embedded DVR based on enhanced H.264 compression, available in a combination of up to 16 channels, mixed IP and analogue. It features an embedded Linux operating system, for reliable and cost effective system performance. The dual gigabit LAN connections let you easily establish a dual connection, offering more flexibility for many different projects.



The AVer E5016H full HD hybrid DVR leads the way for a new generation of high performance, cost-effective network recorders, designed to achieve exceptional image quality and excellent reliability. The E5016H supports up to 5 megapixels per channel and a total of 32 megapixels for all channels. It offers PC-like preview performance (2M @ 120fps) and an impressive throughput rate of 120 Mbps, recording all 16 channels using tri-codec compression.

Our range of AVer DVR’s  have enhanced connectivity through the use of a mobile application available for iOS and android.

As an award winning AVer partner, we are able to source and supply their full range of security products, including a wider range of storage solutions and IP cameras for specific project requirements.

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If you are considering making use of our range of DVR / NVR Solutions, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications, our specialist team will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system.

Flir Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging cameras produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights, they need no light whatsoever to operate. Thermal Imaging Cameras Reduce many of the traditional issues that plague visible cameras such as weather reduced visibility. With the growth in the use of thermal technology, and the associated reduction in costs, the number of potential applications is continually expanding.

Flir are a world leader in Thermal Imaging technology and have a vast array of specialised products for many different industries. We are an official UK distributer for Flir’s security products, and focus on products that complement our wider service offering, although for specific project needs we can supply any of their security products, backed up of course, with our usual levels of service and support.

Flir Cameras feature Dynamic Digital Enhancment (DDE), an advanced development which greatly improves the quality and crispness of the image when compared to a non DDE thermal camera.

Popular models of thermal imaging cameras available through Bi3 are as follows:

Flir FC-Series S

Flir FC-Series S<

FC-Series S thermal security cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your premises clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analogue networks, FC-Series S thermal imaging cameras are available in high-resolution 640 × 480, and 320 × 240 formats. We are able to supply the full range of lenses and accessories to compliment the FC-Series S and our in house Flir certified technicians are able to assist from planning through to deployment.

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Flir FC-Series R

Flir FC-Series R

The new FLIR FC-Series R is a fixed network thermal security camera that features on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of equipment. The camera has multiple alarming notification options when predetermined thresholds are exceeded, including e-mail, Digital Outputs, and VMS alarms.

FC-Series cameras are qualified beyond industry standard for survivability, and are backed by FLIR’s unparalleled three-year system warranty and 10-year detector warranty.

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T43 Series Bullet Camera & Davantis IP Compact

T43 Series Bullet Camera & Davantis IP Compact

The T43 is a small form factor thermal imaging camera, designed for smaller applications where a full sized FC-Series camera would not be cost effective. The T43 is designed to complement the Davantis IP Compact Video Analytics system. Up to 4 T43’s can be combined with the IP Compact as a cost effective thermal detection system.

If you are considering making use of Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and potential applications, our specialist team will be able to advise and assist you in designing, specifying and installing your system.