Retail Intelligence

INVIDIA: R - Video Analytics powered by I-LIDS approved Davantis - I-LIDS Approved

The use of video analytics in the retail environment is on the increase. Business Insight 3's customer intelligence I-LIDS accredited video analytics software is a proven way to increase sales conversion rates, staff efficiency and customer service while at the same time reducing staff and customer fraud. Video analytics will utilise your businesses current infrastructure of security cameras and recording equipment to the benefit of the company beyond the needs of the Security Managers. This will save you both time and money, making the decision to invest in the future of your business, a cost effective one. Bi3 video analytics have already been introduced into some of the UK's biggest and most successful retailers and provided them with a significant return on their investment.

Bi3's video analytics has the highest level of accreditation by the UK Home Office Scientific Department Branch (HOSDB) I-LIDA approval.

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The video analytics offered by Business Insight 3 are explained in more detail below.
Please view the videos to see the analytics software in action:

INVIDIA: R Transaction without Customer (TWC)

Video Analytics - Retail - Transaction Without Customer

Staff fraud and theft can be a big problem for many retailers today. Transaction without Customer video analytics will identify when the POS drawer is opened but no customer is present and so will reach this problem head on. It can be linked to specific transactions such as "No Sale" and "Refund" or simply on each occasion the drawer opens. An alert of the activation can be sent locally or remotely and is attached to the video. All TWC alerts can then be saved together and reviewed later to identify the problem.

INVIDIA: R Unattended Customer

Video Analytics - Retail - Unattended Customer

Customers often walk in and out of stores without being attended to by a sales clerk. In many cases this is a loss in potential sales that could have been made and wasteful of staff resources. Unattended Customer video analytics will identify when a customer has remained in a specific area for a pre defined length of time. Multiple areas can be designated and each can have a different wait time. The alert can be sent to a staff pager, email, light, alarm, audile warning or even play a pre recorded message to inform staff of the location of the unattended customer. Unattended Customer video analytics is a proven way for retailers to increase their sales conversion rates and utilse their staff better.

People Counting

People Counting is be no means a new idea however the use of technology for this process and the development of that technology in recent years is exceptional. Mannual collection of data for people counting purposes is often time consuming, inaccurate and expensive. In areas such as retail, transport, entertainment or even leisure the data gathered through people counting can assist managers and marketeers in their decision making process greatly.

The folloing information can be gathered by Bi3 people counting solutions:
  1. What is your footfall by hour, day, week, month and year?
  2. How does your footfall differ by store, areas within that store or even geographical region?
  3. How effective is your store and product advertising?
  4. How could you most effectively layout your store and its merchandise?
  5. How could you optimise both your staff levels and customer service offering?

Bi3 offer a number of people counting solutions suitable for a variety of different scenarios. Please view our people counting options available below, download the brochures and feel free to conact Bi3 about the device that would best suite your application.

IEE People Counter - 99.9% accuracy

People Counting

If you need is a highly accurate people counting solution that isn't affected by light or heat then you couldnt find a better solution than the IEE People Counter. With accuracy levels of 99.9% this counter far out weights its competition in the people counting market. This people counter uses MLI or Modulated Light Technology to detect, count and categorise people and objects. Graphical data is gathered in to reports and can be programmed to be automatically sent to a Manager and be attached to the relevant video footage.

PeCo1 People Counter

People Counting

If you are looking for an affordable, accurate, compact people counter then the Peco 1 should be your counter of choice. With accuracy levels of 95% the Peco 1 can count your directional traffic flow with ease. Multiple devices can be grouped together simultaneously and send data to the built-in reporting software. This allows for business managers and marketeers to analyse and export the date collected with ease from any PC.

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Facial Marketing

What if you could classify what type of customers entered your store, at what times the different type of people enter, which areas of the store they frequent and which view and purchase from in-store promotions. Facial Marketing offers you this invaluable and yet otherwise unknown information about your retail store.

The Bi3 facial marketing allows you to learn the following information about your customers:
  1. Age range
  2. Gender
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Use of glasses

Queue Management

Large queues in retail or other environments are off putting for customers. Good customer service is now imperative for customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Areas such as banks, retail outlets, airports and cinemas are prone to long queues that can lead to unhappy and dissatisfied customers and even queue abandonment.

With the IEE Queue Management System the following information can be gathered:
  1. The length of multiple queues
  2. Customer waiting times
  3. Queue abandonment
  4. Customer service standards

All of the above data can be cross referenced by queue, time, area, date and even branch to eveluate which areas are performing to their optimum levels.

IEE Queue Management

IEE Queue Management

Multiple queues can be measured within the same scene and the data can be stored along with the video for review at a later date. This type of information on how long customers are waiting for will prove invaluable to businesses.